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Beer Lovers Chicago: Best Breweries, Brewpubs and Beer Bars (Globe Pequot Press, 2017)

“Written with the authority of someone thoroughly steeped in the local scene … Beer Lover’s Chicago is the kind of book you’d be tempted to read cover to cover… [it] tells you not only what’s going on, but also how we got to where we are today.” The Chicago Reader

A must for the beer traveller … succinctly wraps up the basics you’ll need to know for your travels, from brewery hours, tour details and a lot more” The Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“A Hard Seltzer Smoothie War Is Brewing in America’s Heartland” (VinePair)

First came the nationwide firehose of hard seltzer. Then, on a parallel path, brewers began loading up their kettle sours with buckets of fruit puree to create thick, creamy smoothie-style beers.

As both of these trends reached different parts of the American drinking populace, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to Frankenstein the two hyper-popular beverages into one. And in early 2020, someone did. 

“The (Beer!) Hot List” (Chicago Magazine)

10 local brews everyone’s talking about this summer (in order of heat)

“Chicago Bar Owner Gives up Food, Subsists on Beer for Lent” (Chicago Magazine)

“When I sat down last week with Pat Berger, owner of bacon-and-beer destinations Paddy Long’s and Kaiser Tiger, he hadn’t had anything to eat for 14 days.

He had, however, had about 60 beers since then.”

“Best New Bars of 2019” (Chicago Magazine)

“The beers at this hip, pizza-slinging brewpub (which, not for nothing, took the No. 1 spot in this magazine’s recent pizza rankings) range from approachable IPAs to oak-fermented experiments. If you’re at least as interested in doing good as you are in getting sideways, Middle Brow is the place for you.”

“For The Love Of Beer” (Cover, Chicago Magazine)

“Watch your backs, Portland, Asheville, and San Diego. Chicago beer is having its moment. At last count, the region is now home to more than 60 microbreweries, nanobreweries, and brewpubs, from Lake Bluff to Lake View to Lansing, and they’re pumping out barrels in numbers that rival the city’s output during Prohibition.”

“Why Chicago is America’s Best Beer Town” (Thrillist)

“No city does beer better than Chicago. There, we said it. The funny thing is, we wouldn’t have been able to say that even three years ago (when the term “Chicago beer” was still synonymous with “Old Style”). But, well, now we have more locally brewed options than at any other time in our city’s history, and the selections are as diverse as an Albany Park grade school — so yeah, it’s time.”

“How to Navigate Chicago Craft Beer Week” (Time Out Chicago)

“After the official opening Beer Under Glass event, we beer drinkers are on our own to dive headfirst into the madness that can be CCBW … but it can be a bit difficult to fish through the random Bourbon County tappings, uninspiring tap takeovers, $4 pint specials and other random noise. That’s why we’re here to help.”

“Band of Bohemia created a beer for Next’s Hollywood-themed menu” (TOC)

“When two breweries collaborate on a beer, that’s just another day on the brew deck—and rarely news. But, when the brewer for the world’s only Michelin-starred brewpub teams up with one of Chicago’s top restaurants for a collaboration beer paired with an upcoming tasting menu… well, that’s when things get interesting.”

“Drink This Now: Pipeworks’ One Horned Wonder And His Fanciful Flying Fresno” (TOC)

“While most chile beers range from back-of-the-throat-scratchy heat to blow-your-head-off habanero fire (looking at you, Sculpin), it’s worth noting again that this beer has no burn, just fresh, green vegetal flavors from the fresnos. Even though the beer was made with and for the Aviary, the amount of booze, fruit and tropics in this makes me think this should have a place as the house beer at Three Dots and a Dash.”

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